April  2022

Here ye Here ye! 

Welcome to the goodie room! 

It's been a long time coming!  We are happy as monkeys with a bottle of whiskey in a stolen pirate ship to present our new preface to our blog site  XANALAND !

Where else can you read genuine true stories about all your favorite Grunge hero's? Or original fun fiction stories like our exclusive original  series " Chester Le Crow & Captain Beautiful " about a crow & his flamboyant side kick who haunt the historic Seattle Moore Hotel, the crow in a top hat with a white star on his eye  (ala Paul Stanley, he was " born that way " ! ) Let's not forget out crime fighting pussycat chasing K9 detective in  "  Dirty Dog Chronicle", and of course the Adventures of Sancho the Monkey in Xanaland! Our astrology & travel blog have monthly interesting travel destinations & fresh outlooks on how the stars affect our very souls.  And our style blog has some huge changes and surprises coming this year, as in our original designs in hats and scarves and one of a kind embellished denims ' Xanapants '   If that is not enough we have hilarious and tasty recipes like " Slap me up side the head chicken fried steak " And where else can you stay connected to Facebook, Instagram, and in seconds, switch over to our live stream of amazing local bands?! No place I tell you! Where everyone is almost famous and medium gorgeous, not too hot-not too cold, were like soup...we are...like nothing bad....

Abstract Glass


Hello Lovers of art Music & all things beautiful  

with so many changes in the world, were now taking some extra time  to  revamp the site as well as  create~ write paint, edit video  etc.

See you all soon with some great new stories, recipes, live video photography and more !

Until then mates!

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Blue Fashion


I just popped into my favorite Seattle resale store and

 They have some amazing stuff you won't see anyplace else!

 Get in there now and get your fall shopping done!  

When I shop for fun stuff to wear to shows and special events, I go straight to Zelda Zonks!  

All these unique businesses make West Seattle one of the last great real neighborhoods, please support the good ones like Zeldas!

Please support them also by shopping o their EBay store. It's so important that we support local businesses at this time, I can't imagine a world without local unique clothing stores like 

Zelda Zonks! 


Concert Crowd

Shine Music Magazine

Xanaland Presents

Shine Music Time Capsule

Laughter is timeless, Imagination has no age, and dreams are forever 
Walt Disney

We are a cyber magazine, formed by a group of like minded purple aura magical monkeys.  We support music and art from all over the world,  but with a home base in Seattle, we capture as many moments as we can and write, photograph and film as many events as we can....all while maintaining our medium gorgeous appearance and almost famous status!   

Our non profit business,  Shine Music Project helps purchase &  repair instruments and receives donated instruments and money for kids that may otherwise not be able to afford an instrument or money for lessons. We believe that music is children's lives changes everything and ensures that child of an ability to not only learn how to play an instrument, but to learn comradery, patience, and culture.  The history of music and how it connects all people is something every person should have the chance to learn about. 


This year, we hope to start giving School of Rock West Seattle money for kids that fall short on money for their  lessons. A kid should not have to start and then quit because of that awful thing called money! 


Being a ' Smile ' affiliate on Amazon and selling hundreds of Amazon product on our blogs, as well as all the money from our concert ticket sales,  goes towards supporting Shine Music Project. I personally hand picked hundreds of items. Things people really need, like rubber chickens, catapulting monkeys, and night goggles! 


 This is our way of supporting the next generation of Rock Stars! Ask us more in an email about how to donate on PayPal directly to a music student. 

  Our content is genuine and our writers and contributor's are kind and full of heart and a lust for life. I actually dropped a news blog from out original website, because I refuse to waste my time and yours re-sharing something you can read on another website. If it's super interesting to us and something that resonates with " us ", say a hotel in Alaska that could use lots of buzz to help them as a small business...  or something that can help a unknown artist sell their artwork,  then sure I want it on here, but generally you'll only see original stories.


Eventually our cyber world ' Xanaland  ' will develop and avatars will be able to interact with each other.  Yeah, we're old but e're still pretty cool!   And lastly, we are and always will be 100 % chode free. That is the only way to flourish and be healthy as we grow and experience this beautiful strange thing we call life.

Love and taco flavored kisses

Xana La Fuente & Friends 

Lambchop Alert!
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Hours of Operation

We Never Close


You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one  I hope some day you'll join us, and the world will be as one

John Lennon 

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