Our Vision & Mantra 

The Half Ass Monkey Promise

Dear Friends.
Monkey business within the Pacific Northwest grunge era is our theme, and the art, music and entertainment we provide takes a very methodical approach to consideration as a connoisseur as such. In the same manor that you read your favorite entertainment magazine, the Xanaland blog is our vision to provide a lasting entertainment medium with your interest, social gathering and lifestyle in mind. My motivation to share what is of interest to me stems from my life with the departed Andrew Wood, and my desire to expand our message, spirit for community, and to be a muse for all of you. Therefore I have set up a non-profit business called the "Shine Music Project" where a small percentage of proceeds from product advertising sales from our sites will be provided to Shine to purchase Music instruments for dis-placed, low income youth within the Northwest Area. If some product is of interest to you, please know that your financial contribution will be well spent. If interested please check for updates on the Shine Music page regarding our community activity and musical instrument donations. Thanks for reading and note that all our sponsored advertisement links are on the right column of each blog page, and if you would like us to send you updates on any of our blogs subscribe por favor!
Siempre Contigo,
Xana Stargazer La Fuente,