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The Audacity of Grunge - 25 Years After, There's Still Something In Seattle's Water Baptizin

Photo by Ernie Sapiro

The year was 1988. The location - Kent Skate King, Kent, Washington. It was a promising, warm August night and the energy was high as three local bands were about to take the stage. Hundreds of kids packed the room in their Guns N' Roses t-shirts and torn jeans. With flowing blonde hair and big sunglasses was Mother Love Bone front man Andrew Wood, a.k.a. The Love Child. Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell played with a severity even then that stood out. As many would say over the years, this would be the show that sparked the interest for many a young man in attendance to pick up an instrument and begin screaming life.

Living with Soundgarden's Chris Cornell for several years and writing music daily around and even with Chris, Andy had become a great writer and had already gained a healthy local audience as the singer and bass player forMalfunkshun, even selling solo cassettes of his own music at record stores. It was a fun time to live in Seattle and it was cheap. Having a creative and positive home enviornment with Chris seemed key to his writing. Listening to the music Andy wrote in those years, it seems to reflect a time of contentment and zest for life, love and music.