I have another confession to make: I threw a Dick's burger at Kurt Cobain

From the Xanaland Grunge Story Tellers blog archive

If making fun of Kurt on his birthday is wrong, then I don't want to be right. This is the most gentle way I can tell any Kurt story. There was no fun and good times with us.There was chaos in the end. There were constant disappointments. It's all quite pitiful and regretful. Some of the darker Kurt stories, like any low points in one's life, were not meant to be told or even remembered, so I won't be sharing them here. I've grown up a lot since the '90s and have learned in turn to tame my anger with humor. It doesn't mean that the true accounts of peoples' lives that he affected should not be told. Especially the funny ones.

That being said, I'm glad that there are plenty of people that have happier stories to round off his personality as it's come to be known. I'm sure he was a loving grandson, for instance, and that counts big-time in my book. I know he loved Frances, and I know he appreciated art and music even if it was in his juvenile redneck way. But since I've shared this on social media plenty of times, I figured it was the perfect day to make it official here on Grunge Story Tellers.

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