We could be like all the others, but the thing is we're not chodes!

When I started Xanaland in 2012, I had three primary goals. One, to document as many new bands as I could. I had recently moved back to Seattle and I was blown away immediately upon seeing the first live show I'd seen in Seattle for many years. It was a night I will never forget. My friend Lori Anderson, who has long and tirelessly promoted Seattle bands in as many ways as a person can, had been the catalyst in me returning Seattle at that moment. Yeah, I'd come back and forth many times, but this time was special. I was in the grasps of a particularly annoying and cruel man, a first-class chode for sure. His band is called Dope Riddle and they actually got a review for being the worst band on the planet! I was really in a special kind of hell. Lori said to me "You get your grungy a** back to Seattle where it belongs!" Or something along that line. Escape from Chodeville was on the horizon. I was going to swim back to Seattle if I had to.....read more on our Freedom Writer blog at http://freedomwriters.xanaland.com/ ( working on adding the link here but it's not letting me so far )