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Ten Miles Wide

Kathy Moore

Shawn Smith


Writers, Editors & Fellow Shenanigators at Shine Music Magazine


Hitch Hiker

Editor Writer Photographer

Musician, writer, editor, photographer. She does it all. Always one step ahead of me and my my side every step of the way paving the yellow brick road to our own little slice of The Emerald City


Lori Anderson

Co-creator Shenanigator 

My lady in waiting and inspiration for Shine Music Project and most loyal supporter. Co-creator of mascot ' Sancho the Half Ass Monkey Boy


Xana La Fuente

Owner, writer, photographer 

If I have to tell you who I am, well then I should fire my publicist! But he's a monkey and works for cheap whiskey and tacos. Can't really beat that.

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Love Notes to Xanaland

Best of comments from our blogs

I can't tell you in my own words what it's meant to people that know how  important, timeless powerful Seattle music is and how it's influenced and inspired other musicians, writers, and artist all over the world, but I will share a few comments from the blogs. Thank you to our readers, from your friends at Shine Music on Xanaland!

There is truly no place like Xanaland, I feel like I'm at " home " 

Alisha St, John 

Xana, please write a book, your stories are genuine and from the heart, much thanks from Italy! 

 Sophia Ferrari 

" It's very clear why you were THE muse to so many great Seattle musicians, puro amor sweet Xana! 

Dana Salazar